One Planet Living is Bioregional’s vision for happier, healthier lives for everyone within the limits of our one planet. There are plenty of actions each of us can take in our own lives to help achieve this vision.

The world in our hands

Below you’ll find some ideas which will enable you to take a joined-up approach to living more sustainably.

Big ideas, big impact

Stay on the ground: One long-haul flight can amount to half a UK person’s yearly carbon footprint – so opt for more local holidays and travel by train where you can.

Follow the plant-based trend: cutting down on meat and dairy will slash your environmental impact – from carbon emissions to water consumption and deforestation.

Use your voice: Write to your local MP and ask what they’re doing about climate change, or tweet businesses that aren’t meeting your expectations.

Consume less and better: Research shows that buying more stuff doesn’t make us happy. The planet will thank you for buying less, and investing in better quality products.

Bioregional have also shared the top four things you can do to have the biggest impact.

There is a One Planet Framework that you can use to guide projects and organisations to live within the limits of the planet.