People trying to live happy, healthy lives within the natural limits of our planet

Be the Change

Sustaining our planet, our life-support systems means doing less of almost everything.

We have no hope of emerging from this crisis unless we dramatically reduce economic activity, distribute wealth and find new ways of living with nature and our neighbours. 

We need to be that change! We need to create a life that is sustainable, fulfilling, joyful, and not stressful.

The main purpose of this social space is to allow a chance for people to relax, chat, muse and think about how we can live happy healthy lives within the limits of the planet.

Be the change

Ideas to get you started

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” – Socrates

What makes me happy?

What makes your heart sing? What makes you glow inside? What activity is essential to your well being? Does that activity have have an impact on others? The Planet? Could you do more of it in your week?

What am I grateful for today?

Everyone has their own busy life and sometimes we do not have the time to stop and think about things to be thankful for. Time to relax, have a cuppa and be grateful.

What emotion, habit or state of being do I most want to step into?

Allow yourself time this week to sit in the energy of this new good feeling.

Connect with People to make the change

GraceWorks Life is an online social space where like minded people can discuss, ruminate, laugh, and plot. Feel free to look at our blog, groups and forums and join in with this tiny revolution. We ask you to:
  • Be Inclusive
  • Be Optomistic
  • Be Sociable
  • Be Open
  • Be Playful
  • Be imaginative

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